Config ArchiSteamFarm and Saliens script

June 28, 2018

万恶的 G 胖向玩家伸出了魔爪,而我并没有想要喜加一的意思,而是搞起了收集卡牌的行当。

除了每日探索队列的三张卡牌,这次夏促还出了一款小游戏 - Saliens。为了拿满级徽章,自己的电脑在 24 小时不停地运转,但过了几天发现可以将这个脚本放在服务器上,就开始了搞事之旅。

本来早就应该写完的,结果因为期末考而一拖再拖。夏促早已结束,就算是把 Linux 常用软件温习一遍吧。


preparation and install packages

The following packages you need to install, please ensure all the command should be under super user’s permission.

  1. tmux
  2. .NET SDK 2.1
  3. python 3.6
  4. Git


yum install -y tmux

.NET SDK 2.1

For more details, please visit the Official page.

# add the dotnet product feed
rpm -Uvh
# update, install required things and .NET SDK
yum update
yum install libunwind libicu
yum install dotnet-sdk-2.1
# check .NET SDK version
dotnet --version

python 3.6

Please make sure all system packages are updated.

DigitalOcean Page

# install yum-utils and development tools
yum -y install yum-utils
yum -y groupinstall development
# install and setup python3
yum -y install
yum -y install python36u
# check python3 version
python3.6 -V
# don't forget to install pip3 and devel
yum -y install python36u-pip
yum -y install python36u-devel
# so if want to install python3 package, use this:
pip3.6 install [package_name]

download and setup ASF

  1. Create asf folder, setting dir’s permission.
mkdir ~/asf
chmod +x asf
cd ~/asf
  1. Go to ASF’s repo releases page, download
chmod +x
  1. Don’t forget to set the CurrentCulture in config folder, and upload .json file to the server. (also upload to config folder)

  2. Run ASF.


steamcommunity error

You can get steam ip from cloudflare by this following URL, and get data from the downloaded .json file.

Then edit system hosts file (/etc/hosts).

download and setup saliens script

  1. Enter Github Page, get the download link.
git clone
  1. Config Steam account data, and run the script.

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